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  • Pavlov Bridge Experience   XFPS
    Pavlov Bridge Experience XFPS

    Just me messing around with the Bridge map in Pavlov VR... This was made before I knew how to play with WWII weapons so it ll be a little odd, but I had fun on this map taking cover and pushing forward to victory! :D

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  • Pavlov WWII Gun Showcase   XFPS
    Pavlov WWII Gun Showcase XFPS

    Just a video demonstrating all of the new weapons added in in Pavlov s WWII update! :D Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 0:38 Loaded into the WWII Fire Range 0:52 M1A1 Bazooka 2:04 Tokarev TT 33 2:25 SVT 40 2:50 Mosin Nagant 3:25 PPSh 41 4:10 Russian Grenades 4:57 DP 27 5:45 PIAT 6:26 Lee Enfield Mk1 6:54 M1 Garand ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 7:15 PING! 7:45 STEN 8:13 Thompson 8:43 Webley MK VI 9:07 M1911 9:38 BREN 10:32 BAR 10:59 STG 44 11:37 Gewehr 43 12:05 Panzerschreck 12:40 MG 44 14:00 Luger 14:26 German Grenades 15:15 MP 40 16:20 Kar98k 16:30 Ending

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  • BFV   Unique Elite Class Animations   XFPS
    BFV Unique Elite Class Animations XFPS

    The first 6 elites that came out have unique animations in the company menu if you put them in the right class in Battlefield V. It is a neat little addon that the Devs added in to these characters in the early life of BFV, but sad to see them ditch the concept of these after that. But hey, I decided to post it because it looked like (from my research anyways) nobody has posted about it and I just wanted to make sure people knew about it even though nobody cares about this game anymore. (except for people who like it like me lol) So I hope you enjoy it! ^_^

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  • BFV Community Games update!   XFPS
    BFV Community Games update! XFPS

    The Final update is here! 2 more Elites, the definitive edition version is buyable, tons of more cosmetics, and more! Just showing it off since I didn t see it coming for awhile and it dropped more things than just making the community games easier to use :D

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  • No primary weapon option in BFV?
    No primary weapon option in BFV

    Weird to see this feature in a battlefield game O.o I m pretty sure it is unintentional, but still a pretty neat thing to have anyway. I hope it stays in so I can play as the french resistance with the Liberator! xD

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