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Spicy 3 Designs
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Informacion del Canal Rebranded again 11/20/2020 as Spicy 3 Designs. No longer conducting business as a retailer. Some contents on this channel has been a...

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  • ThreeZero (3Z) 1/6 Scale MMPR Red Ranger Dragon Shield Limited Edition Figure Preview
    ThreeZero (3Z) 1/6 Scale MMPR Red Ranger Dragon Shield Limited Edition Figure Preview

    FINALLY STUFF I CAN BE EXCITED ABOUT.. not plastic model kits. announces mighty morphin red ranger dragon shield figure 70784 Limited to 1000 piece, but usually all 1/6 Scale figures are already limited anyway.. lol. Hot Toys usually only produce 3k figures per run, and 3rd party brands makes less than 1k pieces per run.. this is why 1/6 Scale stuff always goes up in prices vs. other collectibles. Available in July 2020 Some parts appears to be resold of the 3Z Saitama figure (gloves and boots) check my eBay store when it becomes available.. Eric is getting screw on Shopify so we might team up and use my eBay store to sell these. I am the master of disputing buyer remorse returns as well as contesting FAKE INAD claims on eBay ) Unfortunately Shopify and Mercari sucks when it comes to fraud claims such as INAD and remorse.

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  • Bandai Gunpla HGUC 1/144 Guntank Review
    Bandai Gunpla HGUC 1/144 Guntank Review

    very cheap kit very easy to build boomers and gen y will love it not loving the plasticized polystyrene so much.. do your research. I cannot recommend this kit as a gift to kids.. because of the plasticizer (phthalates) HGUC playlist PLAJxW1bft9K ChHLkbJ4WJlld62BrM9Eh buy this thing and the guncannon I don t care about Gunpla any more

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    if your Instinct tells you NO and your OCD tells you why not? tell your OCD to F off! Make a plan and buy only what you really want do not be distracted by triggers If you don t have a plan, do not venture in to places that will cause you to spend money. As a seller I mastered the art of giving discounts, these are simple triggers to make people buy random things they would normally never buy... Spending money is a relief mechanism to satisfy your OCD. You will actually be buying BULLSHIT.. then missing out on the things you truly wanted. example eating fast food to satisfy hungry but always be craving that nice steak dinner at a fine restaurant. All big box stores, discount stores, and online stores will triggers your OCD and make you spend money which leads to frustration and irritation. that $500 statue is never happening when you keep blowing $50 to $100 a week on stu

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  • COMPULSIVE BUYING is associated with OCD
    COMPULSIVE BUYING is associated with OCD

    I am not a mental health professional, I am just giving examples of my personal struggles with OCD. I also take information and experiences seen on social media to reinforce my point. If you believe you are experience mental health disorders please seek professional help ASAP. These problems may seen small but the end result is absolutely debilitating. Corporations understands mental health issues and knows how to control and manipulate the public with specific form of advertising and marketing to trigger our OCD and various impulses.. identify the problem and stop been a slave to stuff you may or may not ever need! because why not? our inability to resist impulses... the need to relief anxiety.. results in buyer s remorse and hoarding oh.. and believe me.. you needed that $2 for stuff you and your family actually needs, but instead you blew it on something you are most likely gonna

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  • S3D Custom RAW 10 Cy gor REPAINTED (Adult Collector)
    S3D Custom RAW 10 Cy gor REPAINTED (Adult Collector)

    Mission Accomplished for now. Commission cancelled and I am keeping this one for a bit. This isn t 100% complete, I have a few issues to work out, but I am done for now. 100% hand painted and it took 12 hours+ work on this for several days, and the customer got tempted by another item I had on eBay lol. Review (OTB) WIP here Part 1 _MLQ Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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  • The Neverending Buying and Selling Cycle for the OCD people
    The Neverending Buying and Selling Cycle for the OCD people

    Unlike addictions. OCD can be stopped if you can identify and avoid the triggers. Ananda: If you are no longer attached to seeking pleasure, pictures of naked women mean no more than pictures of waterfalls. I abstain from erotic behavior not because we believe s x is sinful but because preoccupation with worldly pleasure diverts us from the path. Grissom: Got to be a lot easier to be a monk in a monastery on a mountaintop than one on Las Vegas Boulevard. In a way most of us already know it is wrong but sadly most of us are TOO WEAK to overcome obsessive compulsive thoughts.. and we continue to seek those triggers which leads to The Cycle I was like that monk once but I failed.. hard. Overwhelming desires make me want to buy everything I never needed. Corporations knows basic human psychology.. addictions, and OCD are constantly been exploited for profits. In the end we are the

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