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Informacion del Canal
Its all about playing, I play with a team called FSG TEAM. This team was created by C1 & C2 our goal is to make high score and always on the leade...

Ultimos Videos de FSG C-3 PH

    Shout out to all my Star senders and Supporters. They are so happy and grateful for the blessings that we shared to them. God Bless us All! Facebook page: 🎵Music🎵 Song Name: LEAD ME BACK TO YOU Original Video: VZh7LNDUkzg #FSG C 3 PH

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  • Ez Mil   PANALO  (
    Ez Mil PANALO (

    Facebook page: Subscribe to Ez Mil:​... Panalo Lyrics: [Intro] Like they said though: You can take a man out the hood But you can t take the hood out the man Mga kababayan, turn up! [Hook] Tayo ay Pilipino Kahit anong kulay ng balat Isasapuso Mapa Tagalog, Bisaya, o Ilokano Walang tatalo sa bagsik Ng ating dugo Isigaw ng malakas ang Ating panalo Wag nang pagusapan Ang mga negatibong pangyayari San mang panig ka Nasa mundo Kinabukasan na natin to Panalo! [Verse 1] Yeah Keep runnin’ ya mouth when you lyin I stay on my business while watchin you dyin I’m takin my people to heights while you cryin Bout regular livin & that s what I m tryna Prove, stead of just lyin in booths 1st true Filipino rapper on the news Sit, enjoy it if ya cool Haters can snooze While I put my city on the map 22 double the O long

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  • The 1,000,000 Points Challenge! Day 1
    Video The 1,000,000 Points Challenge! Day 1

    (Day 1) The 1 Million Points Challenge! FSG Team website: Facebook page: 🎵Music🎵 Song Name: Defqwop Heart Afire (feat. Strix) [Deleted NCS Release] Original Video: S7zZXGxy5vg Song Name: Julius Dreisig & Zeus X Crona Invisible [NCS Release] Original Video: QglaLzo_aPk Song Name: Unknown Brain x Rival Control (feat. Jex) [NCS Release] Original Video: bLZHcnuqscU

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  • 669,000 Highest Score!
    Video 669,000 Highest Score!

    Enhanced and Shorter Video of 669,000 Highest Score! Different Songs FSG Team website: Facebook page: 🎵Music🎵 Song Name: The Third Eye Adil Prashant Original Video: 63iQO_M1WYY Song Name: Crazy For You Bldgs Audio Library Original Video: Pkj7fXR 2JA&fbclid IwAR0Q3YLhwlv56dfX_aqFkVlsLShiljwseDlZg88OM6UI71cDt9LZAue2AMI Song Name: Apocalypse For Now feat Debrissa McKinney Agent 23 (Hip Hop) By Dj ChEkA Original Video: xcircnldeoU

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